there isn’t anything quite like a new baby. when i first laid eyes on this beauty, i got goose bumps from head to toe and a little teary eyed thinking that soon this will be me. and can we talk about that hair, i mean, i just can’t even stand it!! SO amazing!

big sister was the absolute sweetest. when she started playing “this little piggy” with her baby sister (picture above), my heart melted.


a new life, a new chapter. how could you not be happy??

god is so good.

welcome to my blog.


it’s a new year! this year will bring so many changes…so i thought it would be good to start with a fresh new look to my blog. i hope to blog often and share our story with whoever choses to read about it. a huge part of MY story is photography. documenting and sharing a small part of my clients life brings me more joy than you know.

here’s to an amazing 2015.



my lovelies.

if i could freeze time i would, but i can’t, so being thankful for every moment is what i try hard to do.

today i am thankful.

i thought that today i would cry like a baby. sending my youngest to first grade has got to be one of the hardest (emotionally) things i’ve ever done. what has gotten me through the day is knowing that all three of my children are in the exact place they are meant to be. i have put complete faith in the big man upstairs that he will protect them. with every school year comes change (thank you, lisa), new friends, new teacher, new choices, new learning experiences, new conflicts etc.  i am confident in saying that ryan and i have done our best (and will continue) to give our three children the foundation they need to succeed, now it is up to them.

i cannot wait to watch them learn and grow from every experience (good and bad) that may come their way.

i cannot wait to watch them shine in their own special way.

may they use their wings and fly.


 ps now i am crying.