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    I'm Sarah, a daughter, a sister, a wife, a friend and a mother to three amazing, crazy, busy, wonderful children! On top of that I am a photographer. I started really loving photography when my husband and I had our first child, 10 years ago. I never put my camera down and that continued with my boys. Friends started asking me to take pictures of their kids and before I knew it, I was getting calls from people I didn't even know. It all just fell into my lap and I am going with it!

    You must know that I do not have an education in photography, my camera does things that I am sure I will never have time to learn, I shoot completely in automatic and I never use my flash. To "professional" photographers this may be crazy, but to me it's what works. My pictures may not be perfect, but life isn't perfect.

    I have met so many wonderful people along this journey and have built some great relationships. I get to witness so much love between families and for that I am grateful. For some reason God has chosen this path for me and I know in my heart this is what I should be doing right now in my life.

    Here I will share the love I have for photography and day to day moments of my own life. There is nothing I would rather do than capture moments in your life that fly by so quickly. If you like what you see send me an email at mrsg21@comcast.net or comment after a post.

    Whatever has brought you to my blog, I hope what you see brings a smile to your face!

fox douglas. {journey into life}

i had the pleasure to document this sweet baby boys journey into this amazing world.


i have said this SO many times, but this family is very dear to my heart and i feel incredibly honored to be the one to document so many moments of their life.

i wish so badly that i had this series of pictures of all three of my children. moments you can’t get back, but can try to relive through images, to me it’s priceless.

it fills my heart with joy and my eyes with tears to do blog posts like these.



IMG_3442pv74i mean, can you get any more stunning?!?!


IMG_3564bwpvthe day after the maternity session, fox douglas made his debut on VALENTINE’S DAY!!!

when i arrived at the hospital, heather was around a 4, i stayed with her every moment until fox was born.

it was amazing to watch a woman birth a child with no drugs and do it with such grace. truly remarkable what our bodies are capable of, if we are willing to push them.

900_BB2IMG_3600pv25IMG_3646bwpv3543334337IMG_3656bwpvIMG_3663bwpv64900_BB7900_BB3without a doubt a day i will never forget.

heather, you are amazing!

a few weeks later, i joined the family of four back at their home and witnessed so much love.




IMG_5887bwpvIMG_5902pv2IMG_5748bwpvIMG_5768bwpv27IMG_5867bwpvIMG_5925pvIMG_5930bwpvIMG_6073bwpvIMG_6069bwpvIMG_6059bwpvIMG_5908bwpvIMG_6014pvIMG_6012bwpvIMG_6052pvIMG_6046bwpv1837900_BB289555962646574derek and heather, thank you for your love.

your family is truly one of a kind.


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pepper valentine turns ONE.

i mean, this girl.





i had the privelage to witness/document this angel enter this beautiful world, just over a year ago.
definitely a day that i will never forget.
i loved this session for many reasons…
1. she’s beautiful.
2. her mom is amazing.
3. her older brother is precious and was playing in the background.
4. the location {thanks to a fellow photographer, Michelle Glasser who specializes in newborn photography} was WONDERFUL.

i have been thinking for months now that i would love a studio/shop of my own, a place that i can do sessions like these when the weather is yucky.  a place i can hang my work, meet clients, and possibly sell photography related items. last year i had a place in mind, but it wasn’t the “perfect” fit for me. i am still on the lookout, but really loved this studio.

stay tuned.

ps ashley, thank you for sharing your incredible daughter with me. she is a true angel.


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winter bliss.














438-6-SB-Set 16-10x20-Template6

this wedding was one of my favorites! why didn’t i have a winter wedding??
this was my last wedding/session of 2013 and i couldn’t have asked for a better way to end such a wonderful photography year. the drive from spokane to priest lake was almost therapeutic for me, i cranked the music and just reflected on all that was accomplished in 2013.  it was much needed and so great.

all my weddings in 2013 were wonderful and this one was no exception. this couple is so down to earth, so natural with each other, so in love.

i can say with out a shadow of a doubt that God puts these amazing people/clients/friends in my life for a reason.

they are the ones that make me good at what i do, they make me love what i do.

thank you, jamie and kalen for such a wonderful day.



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ramsey {coast}.

i love this family and i love the oregon coast.

taja asked if by chance we were going to be traveling to the coast this last july, we didn’t have any plans to be, but i couldn’t pass up the chance to photograph this family and vacation to our favorite place.

these kind of sessions are my favorite. no one was worried about getting dirty or having the perfect smiles, it was so laid back and wonderful. i love to just stand back and let children play and interact,  these are the moments i want to capture.

ramsey family, thank you for a wonderful session.


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my lovelies.

if i could freeze time i would, but i can’t, so being thankful for every moment is what i try hard to do.

today i am thankful.

i thought that today i would cry like a baby. sending my youngest to first grade has got to be one of the hardest (emotionally) things i’ve ever done. what has gotten me through the day is knowing that all three of my children are in the exact place they are meant to be. i have put complete faith in the big man upstairs that he will protect them. with every school year comes change (thank you, lisa), new friends, new teacher, new choices, new learning experiences, new conflicts etc.  i am confident in saying that ryan and i have done our best (and will continue) to give our three children the foundation they need to succeed, now it is up to them.

i cannot wait to watch them learn and grow from every experience (good and bad) that may come their way.

i cannot wait to watch them shine in their own special way.

may they use their wings and fly.


 ps now i am crying.


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