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    I'm Sarah, a daughter, a sister, a wife, a friend and a mother to three amazing, crazy, busy, wonderful children! On top of that I am a photographer. I started really loving photography when my husband and I had our first child, 10 years ago. I never put my camera down and that continued with my boys. Friends started asking me to take pictures of their kids and before I knew it, I was getting calls from people I didn't even know. It all just fell into my lap and I am going with it!

    You must know that I do not have an education in photography, my camera does things that I am sure I will never have time to learn, I shoot completely in automatic and I never use my flash. To "professional" photographers this may be crazy, but to me it's what works. My pictures may not be perfect, but life isn't perfect.

    I have met so many wonderful people along this journey and have built some great relationships. I get to witness so much love between families and for that I am grateful. For some reason God has chosen this path for me and I know in my heart this is what I should be doing right now in my life.

    Here I will share the love I have for photography and day to day moments of my own life. There is nothing I would rather do than capture moments in your life that fly by so quickly. If you like what you see send me an email at mrsg21@comcast.net or comment after a post.

    Whatever has brought you to my blog, I hope what you see brings a smile to your face!


she is bright.

she is beautiful.

she LOVES donuts.

she is sweet.

she listens.

she is smart.

she is easy to photograph.

she is amazing.

she is confident.

she is mine.

she is caring.

she loves.

she is a reader.

she is curious.

she is happy.

she loves music.

she loves fashion.

she is a “skinny jean”  kind of girl.

she makes this world a happier place.

she is ELEVEN.

sydney faith is all of the above and so much more.

my dream came true on august 8th, 2001.


ps i have never had more fun on a session. every single gesture, facial expression, move…she did. she’s a natural.

not to mention it was her idea to go to krispy kreme.

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Cynthia varelaSeptember 17, 2012 - 6:44 pm


harty family. {love}

i truly adore this family.

so much love.

so much fun.

so much happiness.

the next three are so special…baby girl in her mothers wedding dress, is there anything more precious?

 this little one doesn’t have a bit of fear when it comes to water…



i love the way you look at your daughter. there is NO denying that you were meant to be a mother.

lucky baby girl.


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Ashlie BegovichAugust 8, 2012 - 8:59 pm

These are so beautiful. Great job, Sarah. Heather has always said you have such a gift of capturing the true essence of the people you photograph. This session is clearly no exception. LOVE them all!